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Chicago is the capital of hip-hop—in the last two decades, the city has continued to produce talent, making it the epicenter for this genre of music. From Kanye West's album The College Dropout that brought a refreshing sound to the game, to Chance The Rapper's latest project Coloring Book, Chicago has firmly put its mark on hip-hop and R&B music. With Kanye's ongoing work with and for the city, this legacy will be sure to remain intact for years to come. Chicago is the hometown of Kanye West and has been a strong influence on his career. The city is mentioned in many of his songs, and Kanye often references the vibrant culture and politics of his hometown in his music, rapping about issues such as racism, poverty, and police brutality. He has become a spokespeople for the city and its people, and has even gone as far as to create his own local non-profit – the Kanye West Foundation – to help enhance the lives of Chicago's youth. Kanye has also started an apprenticeship program with the Chicago Public School System to provide everyday students with a hands-on approach to learning and developing skills. He has teamed up with a handful of local venues for his Saint Pablo tour to benefit lower-income Chicagoans, offering free tickets to those in need. Kanye has also taken his influence outside of the city by engaging in political debates, working to bridge racial and socio-economic gaps, and even running for President in 2020. His innovation, creativity, and passion will continue to shape the city in years to come.