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2021-02-02 23:29:46

The owner of this number lea Rivers is a scammer and has my bank account overdraft for $2,000 an wont return the money when I call this number it goes to Voicemail. What can I do where should I go from here.

2021-05-01 11:32:38

I believe this is a scammer

2022-05-28 23:03:50

extremely rude

We hope you know already, your caller is from Kane, Sugar Grove, in Illinois.

It seems that your caller used a Regular Landline to reach his targets. Provided by, they are popular in Chicago-wabash.

Your caller mostly calls within CT (UTC -06:00). Specific zips 60554, 60506, & 60505. Specific locations centered around 41.76 & -88.44.

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