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2022-05-16 04:45:07

This is a scam number and when you try to return the call it tells you they are not in service. I blocked it and have not had any more problems.

2020-05-03 11:08:10

multiple calls about National Disability call center coming from local number in Citrus County. Woman spoke very broken English

2019-08-23 20:15:22

This # called my mobile, left no message. Has same first six digits as my mobile.

We hope you know already, your caller is from Grayson, Tioga, in Texas.

It seems that your caller used a Regular Landline to reach his targets. Provided by, they are popular in Dallas.

Your caller mostly calls within CT (UTC -06:00). Specific zips 76271 & 76233. Specific locations centered around 33.46 & -96.91.

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